Woodhouse College: iPads, education and the digital age

Rona: #efactor2013  brilliant “iPads and education” presentation

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This showcase presented a demonstration on how iPads can be used in the classroom and as a tool for flipped and blended learning to address the needs of students in the information age.

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This presentation attracted lively Twitter feedback:

Janet Maria Gordon: I’d like to learn Maths at @WoodhouseCol. Inspiring use of iPads for teaching, especially with @teamdoceri #efactor2013

Dan Bartlett: Great presentation on iPad integration! DfE need to realise this isn’t a possible future, its the present. #efactor2013

JISC Advance: Inspiring session on use of iPads followed by another on use of netbooks has everyone buzzing here at #efactor2013

Penny Langford: #eFactor2013. Listening to some nice practical examples of things that can be done when you equip a teacher with an iPad.

Presenter Bio

Saqib Safdar | ssafdar@woodhouse.ac.uk |e-AST and Teacher of Mathematics

2013-06-20 12.59.48Saqib started teaching Maths in 2004 at a sixth form college in London. He began using technology as a form of blended learning to stretch the gifted and support less able students. He found by applying Vygotksy’s zone of proximal development,  he could get students to solve problems creatively and collaboratively online. Saqib  was soon appointed as e-Learning champion. In 2009, he travelled and worked in the Middle East. This gave him the wonderful opportunity to learn more about government initiatives, which invest in technology to create a pedagogical shift from one suited to the industrial age to one for the information age. He is currently based in the UK, working as a teacher of Mathematics and e-Advanced Skills Teacher.


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