Stanmore College: Crafting a more Personalised Learning Environment


A look at how Stanmore’s personalised pages (ePLP) are developing, alongside  enhanced teacher tools used to track progress and give advice.

Stanmore presentation

Then a look forward to how the learning community might enhance their ePLPs to wrap a more ‘Personalised Learning Environment’ (PLE) around our students.
Working towards establishing a common set of expectations in learners, parents and educators, with respect to how and where to find things when looking online, like termly reports, timetables and assessment results (i.e. this could be more consistently presented across schools & colleges).
They will also look briefly at how systems which encourage learners, like, are included, and e-portfolios, and perhaps how the learner data from emerging technologies like might be used and feed into a vocational student’s PLE.



Jago Brown | | e-Learning Systems Developer

IMG_0416Jago is the e-Learning trainer, VLE administrator and Design & Technology teacher…

Tony O’Neil | | Assistant Principal Enterprise, Innovation and Standards

2013-06-20 11.02.45Tony has gained a wide range of knowledge and skills of Further Education since incorporation in the late 1980s, and during this time delivered Business Studies and IT to students of all abilities and from all social backgrounds. His experience of teaching has had an influence on his approach to management as he has been instrumental in developing ‘Kaizen’ systems to support and enhance student learning through their education journey especially with the introduction of virtual learning environments a good few years ago.

Stanmore College has encouraged the development of web-based systems since 2007 by sponsoring his concepts for student tracking and reporting, and is now supporting him to develop his online Personal Learning Plan system which is layered on the ULCC Individual Learning Plan used in Moodle. Alongside this he is also developing other software systems to help profile and monitor support progress as well as devising a revolutionary web application to enable targeted progression advice to be given to students in a range of subjects.


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