Newham FE College: Developing online learning with built-in assessment

Neil Siveter: #efactor2013 great initial presentation from Newham. Excellent idea.

 Developing online learning with built-in assessmentNewham College logo

photo by Philip Butler

Newham College’s strategy is to use the VLE as an integrated part of learning – as a learning tool, communication tool and assessment tool.

Rachel Chavez:  Newham College of FE using podcasts to help enforce learning of employability skills outside the classroom #efactor2013

With over 13yrs of experience developing on-line resources, the College’s intention was to launch a central repository of Employment and Progression units delivered on-line with built in formative assessment and available for use by all curriculum areas.Following a training session with Adrian Kirkwood from the OU on his research which identifies that integration of assessment into on line resources will yield a greater learner interaction and deeper learning; Newham College decided to put this to the test by developing a simple on-line college induction with built in assessment which proved to be very positive.


This showcase highlighted the project’s impact in supporting learner use of on-line resources outside the classroom, gaining feedback on their progress and encouraging independent learning. The result was confident learning via the VLE, quality checked resources, reliable formative assessment results which could then be used to track progress by both learner and lecturer.

“podcasts attendance soared through word of mouth”

Aj: Well done everyone at  #efactor2013 some great presentations. A special well done to #newhamcollege for flip learning and e assessment.


Kevin Pike | | Learning Resource Centre Supervisor

Kevin began his career at Newham College as a Study Coach in 2004. He became Learning Centres Supervisor two years later. He finds this role one where he can utilize his immense wealth of media and production skills as well as his interest in education and working directly with students.

Kevin is an advocate of utilizing new technologies in order to enhance the learner experience. His background in film editing and production has enabled him to work alongside the e-learning team to produce great innovation with the latest ILCT and e-learning tools.

His experience as a Study Coach and now Supervisor gives him an insight as to how learners respond to working online and what the basic needs of students are when using this medium. In addition, he readily shares his skills with the rest of the team and ensures they are all innovators and leaders in this field and are able to transfer skills to others in line with the ethos of their centres; which is to be supportive and instil independent learning.

Kevin finds his job extremely rewarding as he is able to work with his two passions, media and education. You can always find him experimenting with the latest technology and how it can be used to benefit our learners.

Sima Heer | | Study Coach

Sima has been working as a Study Coach at Newham College since 2005 and finds this position extremely rewarding due to the knowledge, skills and experience she gains. This is a role that allows you to constantly develop from many different aspects. She regularly works with the E-learning team on new technologies and how they can be used to help students. As she works on the front line with students she is in a prime position to understand the learning needs of students.

The role of a Study Coach is two-fold; primarily here to support students during their timetabled Supported Independent Study classes. Students gain soft learning skills in numeracy, literacy, ICT and Progression and Employability skills. Independent study skills are instilled through the use of the College’s VLE. Study Coaches also have the role of resource developers creating engaging, interactive and creative online learning activities.

Sima’s experience as a Study Coach has enabled her to witness first hand how students respond to online learning materials and was able to offer expertise throughout this project from its inception to rolling it out with the first groups of learners.

Sima recognized that independent online learning needs to have an element of support and feedback. The videos from the student’s teachers further emphasize that it is a real piece of work that needs to be completed. Furthermore students benefit that they are able to revisit any element of the unit. Sima has seen the huge advantages these units have brought to learners.

Ajaaz Bhatti | | – e-Learning Advisor

Ajaaz began his career at Newham College as an E-learning advisor in 2009. He previously worked in the private sector mainly in the events and entertainment industry which took him around the world from France, Cyprus, South Africa, Dubai and Scandinavia.

He is happiest when learning a new skill and developing his ILCT knowledge. Ajaaz regularly works with the Study Coaches on developing pedagogically sound ICT resources to support learners both inside and outside the classroom. Using various types of software from Photoshop to Adobe Premiere and Captivate Ajaaz has successfully create innovative online content which has been a massive hit with learners and proven successful in raising attendance and achievement at Newham College.

Steven Brown – Curriculum Team Leader: Engineering

Steven is a Curriculum Team Leader – Teaching BTEC Engineering at Level 1 at Newham College, Stratford.

His role involves carrying out the following: assessing individual student’s capabilities during both formal and informal induction sessions and then planning, developing and delivering a relevant curriculum based on their needs and abilities. A large part of the role involves ensuring that the curriculum is embedded with relevant, contemporary and pertinent information in order to continually stimulate interest and maximise retention rates and to this end the full utilisation of ICT predominates my lesson delivery and practice. His responsibilities also include a comprehensive array of administration duties including: scheduling exam preparation, moderation and validation processes, coupled with register taking and induction admin procedures.


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