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Dan Bartlett: #efactor2013: Great stuff from JGA, a really proactive approach to WBL support.

Showcase Title: e-Learning for work-based learning providers

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2013-06-20 12.59.17JGA has developed interactive content on Moodle. We have used this as part of an integrated process together with the OneFile ePortfolio. PIC’s MIS and Tribal’s Functional Skills Diagnostic to provide a suite of electronic processes for managing apprentices and apprenticeships.


Our team have learned from scratch how to create great e-Learning and we are now working with other training providers to expand the number of courses and to provide Functional Skills with a view to providing a low cost service for QCF and apprenticeship focused work based learning providers.

Rachel Chavez: Search YouTube for Marketing concepts in two minutes by dogangoko for the video JGA showed #efactor2013

The showcase explored what inspired JGA to take this route, and review the experiences of this relatively small private sector training provider.

Presenter Bios:

Laurence George | laurence.george@jga-group.co.uk


Laurence has been a user of JGA’s Moodle based e-learning resources and associated OneFile e-portfolio since 2011. After leaving school at 17 he completed a level 2 Business & Administration Apprenticeship with JGA and is currently working his way through a level 3 Apprenticeship in Marketing. Laurence is able to bring a unique user perspective to the e-Factor showcase.

Martin Croucher | martin.croucher@jga-group.co.uk

Martin CroucherMartin is an experienced IT professional and has been a key developer since 2010 of JGA’s Moodle implementation and managing the interface between Moodle and OneFile e-portfolio software. Martin has a strong background in creating Moodle e-learning content and providing ongoing support to both experienced and novice users of all the systems used by JGA.

Shri Footring: #efactor2013 Great to see Martin and Lawrence from JGA associates presenting here today.


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