EWHLC and EHWLC with Waltham Forest College: The psychology of motivation and e-stimulation: a legal high!

Penny Langford: #eFactor2013 some lovely examples from ehwlc of connected learning

Showcase 1 m-Factor: The psychology of motivation

Martin King presents

How the intersection of new cultural and technology factors is radically challenging teaching and learning within the education system.

This was Martin King’s overview combining theories of motivation, personality and learning within changing cultural contexts into a personal view about motivation and learning with examples from practice at EHWLC

See Martin’s presentation shared on Google Docs


EHWLC logoShowcase 2 e-stimulation: a legal high! Waltham Forest logo

Martin Compton

“The Keyword is easy – we’ve worked with over 100 teachers across the two colleges”

Frank Wall and Martin Compton demonstrated how a collaboration between two colleges has seen them co-write and set up an ‘e-teaching’ course that has helped 100 staff at two colleges and is due to run at a third.

See their resources at edcampus

Talking head videos showed how they got students involved:

“were all on a different stages of the e-learning ladder – this course helps take you the next two steps.”

  • At it’s heart are the twin drivers of ‘inspiring staff’ and ‘creating engaging and motivating subject specific content’.
  • The course itself is 2.5 hours per week for 9 weeks.
  • It takes a thematic approach to the exploration and experimentation of free cloud-based tools and seeks to encourage teachers (and support staff) to explore both underpinning pedagogy and ‘quick win’ e-tools.
  • The programme is externally validated at level 3 and assessed through an on-line e-Portfolio.
  • This show and tell explained the thematic structure, demo and provided access to the on-line course materials and also included video testimony from successful e-Teachers.

They showed:

  • Using audio for feedback
  • Embedded quizlets
  • Blogging feedback
  • A blog that gained many followers and motivated the teacher to continue and explore.
  • Youtube video reflections.

Good testimony as one teacher who, though not considering herself a techie, is given tasks with encouragement but no support – and has gained confidence in researching and making use of tools – significant improvement in confidence by the end.

Finished with great Animoto (like an automated prezi with music).

Presenter Bios

Martin KingMartin King | martin.king@gspace.wlc.ac.uk  | Head of IT Services

Martin is Head of IT services at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College (EHWLC). Martin is especially interested in the intersection of technology and culture and how this is played out within education. After reading psychology and anthropology he went on to study computing and education. He has 30 years’ experience of working with IT in further education from teaching with mainframe terminals in the early 1980s through managing PC/LAN/ client-server networks in the 1990s to heading up IT services in one of the UK’s largest further education colleges since 2001 in what can be described as the web era. Martin is a passionate advocate for personal learning both with and without technology and institutions. He is working on projects that promote mutual co-created learning, web working and personal technologies.

Frank and MartinMartin Compton | martin.compton@wlc.ac.uk | Teacher trainer

Martin is a teacher trainer and the CPD person at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College. He has 20 years teaching experience in English, History, Sociology, Politics, ESOL, IT and teacher education. After a series of EFL jobs including a stint in Rio de Janeiro he worked sessionally at Woolwich, Wandsworth and Lewisham colleges before going FT at Tower Hamlets where he worked for 12 years. He then spent 4 and a half years at Bradford College working solely on PGCE and Cert Ed courses until coming to EHWLC in August 2011.

He has a particular interest in learning technology and has been focussing on that area since around 2001 when he followed the ILT Champions Programme. It amazes him to think that when he started teaching he didn’t have access to a computer (and saw no need for one) and when he was at University he hadn’t heard of the internet and would hand write his essays or dictate them to his mum over the phone.

Frank WallFrank Wall | frank.wall@waltham.ac.uk | e-Learning Manager

Frank is the e-learning manager at Waltham Forest college. He held a similar position at Tower Hamlets college where he specialised in supporting the use of technology in education and assisting in the creation of high quality teaching resources for teaching and learning. He has a background in multi-media production and previously worked as part of the media services team at Kingston University. He has been supporting teaching staff in the use of technology for over 10 years.


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