Croydon College: Mobile phone Moodle

Steven Hedges: Enjoying #efactor2013 some really good stuff coming out of it. Mobile moodle. Nice 

This showcase  provided an overview of a Moodle mobile phone theme and highlighted the possible advantages a mobile theme can bring to teaching, learning and assessment.

View Andrew Checkley’s presentation

The presentation  included information about how mobile phone features can be used directly with Moodle such as how a photo can be loaded directly into a discussion forum (with possible GPS data depending on the phone), how photos or videos can go straight into an assessment for evidence collection, the possibilities of greater 24/7 access to resources, live voting and mobile phone reformatting options which enables quizzes and other useful features that can be turned into a portable format.

Philip Butler:
#efactor2013 excellent ppt on Mobile Moodle from #croydoncollege

I’m very impressed with integration of Moodle assignments with  taking camera phone pictures”

Andrew provided a brief overview of mobile theme implementation and a few possible customisations.


Andrew Checkley| |e-Learning Manager

photoAndrew Checkley is the e-Learning Manager for Croydon College. Andrew joined the e-Learning Team at the start of 2012 following 7 successful years of teaching ICT (Key stage 3 to 5) including 1 year as a VLE coordinator and towards 3 years as a Head of Department (HoD) for ICT.
Andrew has a proven track record of raising attainment with notable achievements of raising the KS4 ICT pass rate from 27% A* to C to 74% over a two year period, contributing to an overall pass rate of 89% A* to C by the end of the third year.

Andrew has successfully project managed the implementation and embedding of two VLE systems, achieved a 100% successful upgrade from Moodle 1.9 to 2 complete with full integration of College wide ICT systems and mobile device compatibility. Along with the development side of Moodle, Andrew also provides training, manages a Moodle help desk and acts in an advisory capacity for e-Learning.


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