City of Westminster : ‘Podcasts and the flipped classroom’ and ‘What do you use your Smartphone for?’

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Showcase 1:  Supported Experiments (using podcasts and the ‘flipped classroom’ model)

This showcase highlighted City of Westminster College’s new approach in improving teaching strategies and improving learning outcomes.

    • They have introduced an exciting and innovative initiative called Supported Experiments, which has involved supporting teaching staff, from a team of Advanced Practitioners in carrying out innovative approaches in improving their teaching and learning.
    • The experiments have ranged from e-learning, AFL and podcasting, to implementing a flipped classroom model.
    • The results and feedback from teachers and students alike has been an undeniable success and recognised by OFSTED as a positive initiative to improving standards.
    • The college celebrated this achievement in an end of year ceremony and the experiments have been shortlisted for a TES FE award.

See Esam and John’s presentation here:

Showcase 2: What do you use your Smartphone for?

Raffaele Di Meo: @Socrative showcase from City of Westminster College at #efactor2013 was brilliant! Great way to engage learners in the classroom! Loved it

Max Morton

  • This session included an engaging, live demonstration of socrative. Delegates were invited to switch on their mobile phones and participate in a quiz about Senate House.
  • “Learners who would not engage with a written questionnaire are often very happy to give feedback using their phones”.

  • Web based alternative is available for those who do not have (or do not wish to use) a mobile device.
  • Engaging. motivating. Immediate feedback. Anonymous. Teacher can download responses in spreadsheet format.
  • Max uses it as an end of session activity. The results can provide a great warm-up / intro to next session.
  • Better response rate than paper based questionnaires.
  • Once registered, teachers can access quizzes created by other teachers.

Clarissa HarringtonRT: @rosemary20: CWC testing us with Socrative more  #efactor2013 fun and it’s mobile

See the presentation here:

Presenter Bios:

Esam Baboukhan | Practitioner and e-Learning champion

Esam Baboukhan has over 13 years experience working within the Further Education sector. He has a MA in Web Design and Content Planning and is an enthusiastic teacher of Web and Graphic Design. He is passionate about using technology to enhance the learning experience. In the last 3 years, in his role as an Advanced Practitioner and e-Learning champion, he has been coaching and mentoring teaching colleagues with the emphasis on improving teaching and learning standards. In this role he was key to the improvement of the IT School by 11%.

As part of the supported experiments initiative by City of Westminster College to improve teaching standards, Esam has been training and supporting staff to deploy innovative teaching methods and strategies to engage learners and improve learning outcomes. These have included Podcasting, Flipped Classroom, Moodle, IWB, Graphical Organisers and many others strategies. Often the methods by which staff engage their students are rooted in tried and trusted schemes that may work but leave the learner and the teacher ‘bored’ with the routine nature of the process. Esam has managed to make the process simple, effective and easy to adopt without hours of planning and development. Simple strategies which are simple to use and engage both student and teacher in a more interesting way that reflects the technological environment that we are all living within.

John Doherty |  Lecturer


John Doherty was born in Elgin, Scotland in 1961. He attended state primary and secondary schools in England until 1977 when he joined Rolls-Royce Motors as a motor vehicle craft apprentice and qualified as a Rolls-Royce craftsman in 1981. John gained his motor vehicle qualifications at the Willesden College of Technology (now the College of North West London) and became a master automotive technician and member of the IMI in 1993.

Having spent thirty years in the motor trade as a master automotive technician and aftersales manager, a career change was in order. In 2008 he joined Kwik-Fit Training Academy as a technical training consultant and became a qualified training instructor in 2009. At Kwik-Fit John delivered a range of technical and commercial training courses.

In 2011 John joined the motor vehicle lecturing staff at the City of Westminster College and teaches on a range of vocational courses from entry level 3 up to level 3.

Max Morton | | Head of School, ICT

Max is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute with 23 years IT teaching experience. He was one of the first lecturers to take a PGCE designed around IT teaching. He has been the Head of School for ICT for the last four years. He has taken the school from failing to leading in success rates through the encouragement of staff innovation and development and embracing blended methods of teaching and learning.


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