City Lit : Creative use of technology in delivery of Initial Teacher Education

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With funding changes in supporting ITE, the City Lit have used blended learning to support trainees on the initial teaching award, PTLLS.



They were successful in delivering to one cohort and are currently delivering to another.

A key positive outcome for the learner is in achieving the qualification through a flexible mode of delivery

A key positive outcome for the trainer is that the standard of teaching practice and coursework is as good as and at times better than similar face-to-face programmes.

Another recent strategy on their year-long PGCE/Cert Ed (DTLLS) programme is using the flipped classroom. Trainees engaged with the resources and were able to participate in collaborative classroom learning through learner-led discussions, supporting critical thinking and deeper learning.

See Presentation here:

Susan, PGCE student said how it motivated her:

  • “amazing where flip learning can take you – was only told to come here this morning”
  • “16 of us year 1 PGCE – gave us a real sense of community of learning”
  • “note – needs everyone to take part – else we all miss out”

“Flipped learning has an impact on class dynamics – so need to introduce as group forms, not after”

Presenter Bio
Khorshed Bhote – Head of Programme

Korshed BhoteKhorshed is a practitioner within the post-compulsory (lifelong learning) education sector. She has been a teacher for very many years, of which nearly 13 years have been in adult and community learning, starting as an applied computing lecturer, staff development and teacher education, currently teaching on blended and on-line training programmes and also lead year 1 of the PGCE/Cert Ed programme.

Khorshed is a member of the Institute for Learning and holds the QTLS status. As an educational coach Khorshed has experience in supporting academic staff as well as mentoring colleagues undertaking postgraduate study. Khorshed’s passion is using technology for learning. Since the last three years Khorshed has developed resources and curriculum for delivery of online training of mentors and facilitators of informal learning and also blended learning programmes for Initial Teacher Education (ITE).


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