Bromley College: Engaging with augmented reality

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Rona #efactor2013 Augmented Reality for education. I Wanna have a go!

Barry Spencer

This showcase shared the outcome of project trials in the use of Augmented Reality for the application in marketing and the development of learning/revision materials .

Rosemary Leadley #Efactor2013 Augmented reality from @SkipperAbel presented to #efactor2013 like magic!

The example used in marketing, used the  cover of the prospectus as a trigger for opening up an enrolment form on the user’s device ready to be filled out on the spot.

It was emphasised that Augmented reality is not only confined to marketing – it can be used effectively in learning. However, experience showed that A4 is not an ideal format for creating AR friendly materials.

Another example shared by Barry took into consideration that fact that learners are increasingly using their own devices. Pocket sized flash cards were created that take learners to different learning activity making it ideal for extension or differentiated activities. However, inclusion was not forgotten – the cards had all the relevant information for learners who did not have access to their own devices.

Dan Bartlett #efactor2013  Masses of potential for AR. The fact the Aurasma allow free use of their tech brilliant.

Video on Prospectus Example

Video on Flash Cards Example

Augmented RealityPresenter
Barry Spencer

e-Learning Development Coordinator

Barry is currently employed as an e-Learning Development Coordinator and HE Lecturer at Bromley College of Further and Higher Education. He has been employed at the College since 1995 as a Lecturer, Course Director and Programme Area Leader specialising in Software Development for students at level 2,3,4 and 5.

Following the introduction of the Moodle VLE to the College in 2005, Barry took on the role for academic rollout, support and training for the system, which came to include a number of collaborative e-Learning trials.
Barry maintains a continuing presence in the virtual world of Second Life, which he joined in 2006 and now the College Open-Simulator platform in support of mainstream course delivery for both himself and other members of staff.


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