Barnet and Southgate College: Using animations and avatars to bring the fun and motivation back into teaching

Clarissa Harrington: Fantastic presentation from Barnet Southgate on avatars and animations to motivate learners! Really funny and interesting! #efactor2013

Angela RideauBarnet_and_Southgate_College_logo

This showcase was about the use of an avatar website called VOKI to create a virtual talking avatar that can be personalised to deliver announcements and key teaching messages. VOKI offers personalisation features such as hair colour, eyes, clothing, adding backgrounds, adding text to speech functionality and the use your own recorded voice to deliver a message. A VOKI can also be embedded as a Moodle block.

Click to go to the link

Click to go the link

Shaheer Kardashian: #efactor2013 The avatar presentation was amazing 🙂

See a prezi from Angela on motivating students and staff with avatars

Discover Go Animate animations was used to deliver tutorial topics on time management and other topics to motivate students into taking action for their coursework and deadlines. Here the use of animations adds a dash of humor and can help to teach difficult subjects in a memorable, visual way.

click here to see animation

click here to see animation

Presenter bios

Angela Rideau | | e-Learning Coordinator
Angela is currently an e-Learning coordinator but coming from a teaching background as a Business Lecturer, considers her heart to be firmly rooted in the teaching and learning part of e-Learning. She has been working with teachers to help improve their understanding of Moodle and other e-Learning tools as well as on different projects such as the student-led e-Ambassador Project, to harness the e-skills of students.

20130620145534(1)Kate James – Health and Social Care Coordinator
Kate is a Teaching and Learning Coach as well as an e-Champion for the department. She has been exploring the use of Vokis and Animations.

Adrian Edwards – Business Studies Lecturer
Adrian has used animations to create clips for students on time management and organisational skills and other tutorial related subjects.


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