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See what delegates thought of their participation in e-Factor 2013
another enjoyable e-Factor(names removed to spare blushes)

  • “Just wanted to say my staff came back buzzing! they loved the day (and the lunch) your team truly inspired them.”
  • “Thanks to you and your team for making the eAmbassadors feel so welcome. They had a great time and are still smiling and sharing their stories.”
  • “It was a pleasure to be there.  I learnt a lot from all the presentations and also from the exhibitors.
  • “It felt like the best organised event I’ve been to in a long time and a really positive note on which to end the year.
  • “Some really excellent and practical ideas were presented Seeing how interactive IT is being used in FE – seeing what HE will have to do to prepared for all these IT literature students!”
  • It exceeded my expectations. I have many things I would like to discuss with my manager to advance.”
  • “Thank you for hosting a lovely event.”
  • “As always,it was a really interesting day with some inspirational presentations Excellent sessions, really informative and well planned. Whole event was very well organised.”
  • “Bitesize format- worked well. More than met expectations, a real learning experience.”
  • Actually it surpassed my expectations. It was my first visit. I will never miss this conference again.”
  • “I’d just like to take this opportunity to say what a great job you did on Thursday.”
  • “Exciting, innovative and yes  motivational. It has generated so much to follow up.  Great organisation by JISC.”
  • “I liked the enthusiasm of all the participants; the fact that everyone was made to feel valued.
  • “Sessions presented by people who had tried and tested what they were presented.”
  • “As always the event is a great way to see whats going on in the sector.”
  • “E-teaching, digital professionalism, flipped classroom, ipads & education. All excellent. Very well done to the speakers and organisers.”
  • “Some very good suppliers attended. Good conversations had.”
  • As a curriculum manager – it helped expand my understanding of what is now available.”
  • “Superb! You can’t afford to miss it if you work in education – with real solutions and innovations, very focussed to the learners and their journey, great for teachers, etrainers, e-management. Creative solutions and thought provoking ideas that can be delivered in very practical, manageable and adaptable ways.

Angela Rideau

What was said on Twitter  about #efactor2013:

Aj: Well done everyone at #efactor2013 some great presentations. A special well done to #newhamcollege for flip learning and e assessment.

We’ll be presenting at 2.50pm on Animations and Avatars #efactor2013 Come along to our workshop. @RSCLondon @Jisc tinyurl.com/qjxaryd

angela rideau: West Thames College, great developments with progression, research skills and employability. We must catch up in this. #efactor2013

Bernadette John: Super program! efactor2013.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/progra…

Bernadette John: So pleased to be attending such an energizing and inspirational event #efactor2013

brendan: RT @Collabco: Keep your students on track and motivated with #myday #efactor2013

brendan: @Collabco have a great #efactor2013 #myday event!

Rona: I wanna win the Raffle! #efactor2013

Rona: #Efactor2013 Augmented Reality for education. Wanna have a go

Rona: #efactor2013 #efactor2013 brilliant “ipads and education” presentation

Clarissa Harrington: According to #efactor2013 we are in a building used in two batman movies!!

Clarissa Harrington: RT @rosemary20: CWC testing us with Socrative more #efactor2013 fun and it’s mobile http://t.co/i2wcPV0zN5

Clarissa Harrington: Really interesting stuff so far at #efactor2013 – How to write up my excitement in report form?!

Clarissa Harrington: RT @pj2000: #eFactor2013 “don’t take my iPad away from me, i couldn’t teach without it now ” said a teacher from Woodhouse College

Clarissa Harrington: Fantastic presentation from Barnet Southgate on avatars and animations to motivate learners! Really funny and interesting! #Efactor2013

Collabco: Busy week again this week. Looking forward to the @RSCLondon #eFactor2013 event where we will be showing #Myday. #1 for student experience.

Collabco: Keep your students on track and motivated with #myday #efactor2013

Collabco: Busy stand at #efactor2013. http://t.co/jfAXirerZX

Dan Bartlett: I am genuinely excited by the potential of the next talk! #efactor2013

Dan Bartlett: Masses of potential for AR. The fact the Aurasma allow free use of their tech brilliant. #efactor2013

Dan Bartlett: Great for the learners, but sounds backbreaking to implement seamlessly. #efactor2013

Dan Bartlett: Great stuff from JGA, a really proactive approach to WBL support.#efactor2013

Dan Bartlett: Great presentation on ipad integration! DfE need to realise this isn’t a possible future, its the present. #efactor2013

E Teacher: RT @HX7: Went through our joint presentation @RSCLondon #eFactor2013 (thurs) this morn via google hangout screenshare. Worked a treat @etea…

mike morris: looking forward to the London JISC RSC efactor conference tomorrow bit.ly/11HCtFA come to the Microsoft/Collabco stand to say hello

John Jackson: RT @Planet_PC: We’re with @Planetestream today at #efactor2013 ! Make sure you pop along and see our demonstrations!http://t.co/FtcX1nUsXL

Jisc: RT @timekord: If you are going to @Jisc #efactor2013 why not pop into my session “The Psychology of Motivation” goo.gl/W9lcS

JISC Advance: RT @ulcc: If you’re attending the #eFactor2013 event today, make sure you pop over to the ULCC stand and say hello.

JISC Advance: RT @shrifootring: Inspiring session on use of iPads followed by another on use of netbooks has everyone buzzing here at #efactor2013

Janet Maria Gordon: I’d like to learn Maths at @WoodhouseCol. Inspiring use of iPads for teaching, especially with @teamdoceri #efactor2013

Kajal Kavia: At #efactor2013 today listening to colleges on their advances in the use of technology to encourage learner motivation

Russell Morriss: If you’re at #efactor2013 today come and visit us at our stand to find out how we can help with all your e-learning needs

Leonie: What is the advantage of augmented reality over QR codes? #efactor2013

Leonie: #efactor2013 RT @eLearningTechie : Aurasma makes it easier to daisy-chain/layer various different links and interactions (cont.)

Leonie: Very interesting talk on digital professionalism from @Bea_John at #efactor2013 More at slideshare.net/Bea_john

Philip Butler: @efactor2013 great prez on employability skills from #newhamcollege

Philip Butler: #efactor2013 nice AR prez from #bromleycollege & Barry Spencer

Philip Butler: #efactor2013 another interesting ppt from #westthames on learning packs for employability

Philip Butler: #efactor2013 excellent ppt on Mobile Moodle from #croydoncollege

Philip Butler: #efactor2013 “key is consultation withe students and staff” #CoHENEL

Philip Butler: Great to see students presenting at #efactor2013, rather than the usual ‘us talking about students’

Neil Siveter: #efactor2013 great initial presentation from Newham. Excellent idea.

Nigel Ecclesfield: @efactor2013 Resources and news from Jisc FE and Skills Programme here bit.ly/12MNFTf Stop Press resources now loaded on Jorum

Nigel Ecclesfield: @efactor2013 winning Maths App coming through NIACE in September, preview hereyoutube.com/watch?v=WCn9G8…

Paul Jenner: Sunny morning in London. Looking forward to some interesting talks on Augmented Reality, Flipped classrooms & mobile learning #efactor2013

Penny Langford: #eFactor2013. Listening to some nice practical examples of things that can be done when you equip a teacher with an iPad.

Penny Langford: #eFactor2013. Listening to Barking and Dagenham College’s use of netbooks

Penny Langford: #eFactor2013 some lovely examples from ehwlc of connected learning

Rachel Chavez: Planning my day at this year’s @RSCLondon #eFactor2013 – so many things to see!

Rachel Chavez: Newham College of FE using podcasts to help enforce learning of employability skills outside the classroom #efactor2013

Rachel Chavez: Really good follow up chat with Julia from West Thames College who also happens to work with a past colleague of mine! #efactor2013

Rachel Chavez: Search YouTube for Marketing concepts in two minutes by dogangoko for the video JGA showed #efactor2013

Rachel Chavez: Had a good lunch. Nlooking forward to hearing about King’s College’s online training programme on digital professionalism #efactor2013

Rachel Chavez: “The best app you can invent is one that locks you out of social media when you’re drunk.” Bernadette John from King’s College #efactor2013

Raffaele Di Meo: @Socrative showcase from City of Westminster College at #efactor2013 was brilliant! Great way to engage learners in the classroom! Loved it

Rosemary Leadley: Augmented reality from @SkipperAbel presented to #efactor2013 like magic!

Rosemary Leadley: Did I say presenters at #efactor2013 will receive an @openbadge ? If WordPress cooperates…

Rosemary Leadley: @eLearningTechie great thanks! Few little issues with wpbadger – nice plugin tho. #efactor2013 #Twitterhelp

Rosemary Leadley: John Ewens saying Sugatra Mitra working on Learning Futures at B and D College #efactor2013 http://t.co/Km94c67PK1

RSC London: RT @certedpgce: Spot the shiny bloke doing a tommy Cooper. yup, that’s me. efactor2013.wordpress.com/#jp-carousel-8…

Shaheer Kardashian: #efactor2013 Hey!! E-ambassadors from NewVIc

Shaheer Kardashian: #efactor2013 The avatar presentation was amazing

Shri Footring: #efactor2013 Wendy and Janet talking about the use I’d eILPs. In ACL. efactor2013.wordpress.com/showcases/cons…

Shri Footring: #efactor2013 Great to see Martin and Lawrence from JGA associates presenting here today.

Steven Hedges: Enjoying #efactor2013 some really good stuff coming out of it. Mobile moodle. Nice

Steven Hedges: Tracking systems in moodle at #efactor2013 looking useful. Could be a good flexible system. Worth looking into.

Steven Hedges: #efactor2013 lunch done, back for digital professionalism. Bring it on

تامانا: E Ambassadors let’s do this, got an hour till we’re up #efactor2013

Liz Procter: Inspiring examples of mobile learning from newham 6th form college #efactor2013

XtLearn: Here’s a couple of the collections you’ve been looking at today at #efactor2013
xtlearn.net/L/770/20/M/ and xtlearn.net/L/508/12/L/


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