XtLearn Here’s a couple of the collections you’ve been looking at today at #efactor2013
xtlearn.net/L/770/20/M/ and xtlearn.net/L/508/12/L/


The Xtensis Demo

Collect from anywhere, share with anyone…on any platform

XtLearn is an online service from Xtensis that enables educational practitioners to build and share collections of resources and present them in ways that are visually attractive to learners.

You can gather resources from any source (e.g. the internet or files created by you) and organise them to form a collection that can be edited and shared with anyone via a simple link.

XtLearn is similar to social bookmarking sites such as Delicious™, but has a host of extra features to meet the specific needs of educational professionals. It is very easy to use. Collections can be shared easily with colleagues and embedded within a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as Moodle.

xtlearnThere are four main elements to XtLearn:

  • Gathering – collecting the resources you want to use;
  • Crafting – organising the resources you have gathered into cohesive collections, editing them and selecting from one of several display themes and layouts;
  • Sharing – sharing your collections with learners and colleagues;
  • Collaborating – with others in the XtLearn community.

All of these functions are free! Additional functionality is available on subscription.

xtLearn logo

About XtLearn.net from Xtensis

At this year’s RSC London E-factor 2013 event Xtensis are pleased to showcase XtLearn.net, our new social bookmarking and scrapbooking service for teachers and learners, that enables users to collect resources from anywhere on the web and the desk-top and share them with anyone.

Xtensis successfully ran the National Learning Network (NLN) Materials Service funded by the then LSC and rolled out to over 25,000 users across FE, ACL and WBL. We developed a range of tools for NLN including the ability to make customisable collections of NLN materials which could easily be made available to learners. The positive feedback received from practitioners in the process encouraged and helped us to develop of the XtLearn.net platform – an extension of the original NLN collections feature and now available separately as a “freemium” online tool that enables practitioners to easily create and customise collections of resources from any source, and share with colleagues and learners on any platform. It is this tool that will be showcased at this year’s RSC London e-Factor 2013 event.



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