eTracker logoMotivating, Supporting and Enhancing the Learner Journey – The eTracker Way

Motivated learners are engaged and take an active part in their educational journey. To ensure they are not passengers they need up to date information to empower them and allow them to make informed decisions.

eTracker is a web based Individual Learning Plan developed by VLE Support. Our demonstration will give you the opportunity to see how eTracker can help your College in supporting the learner journey and improving information sharing and communication between support teams, teaching teams and learners.

eTracker brings together the most essential information on your learners into one place making it a one stop shop which can improve retention by enhancing partnership working.

About eTracker

The Leading eILP: Empowering students, teachers and parents
Our web based ILP allows easy access to staff, students and parents and provides the following benefits;

  • A one-stop shop for tracking, monitoring, measuring and analysing the performance of students against targets
  • Students are able to take control of their own learning experience
  • Early identification of at-risk learners allows timely intervention of support to maximise achievement
  • Ensure consistent approach across all areas of the College
  • Improves quality of information available for tutorials
  • Promotes effective information sharing
  • Provides reports for managers to enable them to monitor course performance
  • Tracking against minimum target grades promote stretch and challenge
  • Easy to produce student reviews at regular intervals to send to parents/guardians
  • A pre-loaded course database reduces system set up time
  • Links to BKSB initial and diagnostic assessments
  • SMS built in messaging system
  • Additional parent portal enhances home/college partnership working

For more information visit our website or email


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