Philip Butler Great to see students presenting at #efactor2013, rather than the usual ‘us talking about students’

The ULCC demo


21st century learning describes a world where knowing what and how to learn hasbecome at least, if not more, important than what we have already learnt. The Post-16 sector has widely recognised the importance of providing the right learning experience to successful teaching and learning. We at ULCC are very excited to be able to offer a completely new richer environment; where education is empowered to move beyond the simplistic dichotomy of pass/fail to that of understanding and managing how our students ‘engage’ with learning opportunities.

ULCC has a long tradition of innovative technologies, and been at the centre of leading-edge thinking on its applications. We’re proud in our partnerships with leadinglearning providers in the transformation of how education is both delivered and supported. The successful Personalised Learning framework is now widely adopted in both further and higher education in the UK and beyond, taking e-Learning into new agendas. Building on these traditions, our exciting new developments are designed to enrich the experienceof learning at the point of delivery, support and management. This is something that is simply not offered anywhere else. As Anderson said: “Get the motivation right and the rest will follow.”

Join us at the ULCC stand, to find out more.

ULCC logo

About ULCC

Established in 1968, as a regional supercomputing centre following the recommendations of the Flower report, the University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) has evolved into a highly respected and innovative brand within the academic and not-for-profit sector.

Today, ULCC’s staff of 70+ IT experts, learning technologist and digital preservation specialists provide services to over 300 customers within the UK education and not-for-profit sector. ULCC now supports Moodle for over 2 million students across 150 Further and Higher Education institutions in the UK, including Manchester Metropolitan University, King’s College and University of London International Academy.

ULCC works closely with key partners & influencers in the education sector, like JANET(UK), JISC, JISC Nexus, UCSIA, ALT-C as well as commercial providers such as CampusM, Echo360, Equella, Mediasite and UNIT4 to deliver fully integrated IT solutions.



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