The TurningPoint Demo

Turning Technologies logoThe TurningPoint Demo

10 minutes is nowhere near enough time to explore the full potential of Response Systems, however, let us motivate you to explore it further in your own time.

From prepared, to on the fly, PowerPoint to everything else, anonymous to named, handsets to web devices, you get the picture; we’ll use the technology to shape the 10 minutes into what best suits you.

Don’t assume…ask!”

About TurningPoint

Unlock student achievement with TurningPoint®, the multiple award-winning interactive response system. Gather your group’s opinions or test their knowledge as you go, then use the impressive reporting tools to get really clever! From instant results to student and demographic breakdowns, TurningPoint will help you meet all your group and peer assessment needs with ease.

If you really fancy keeping an eye on things then the amazing results manager will let you track performance over time which, as you know, is no easy thing. Clever, eh?!

Come to our stand and enjoy our company while we explain more…


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