Softcat LogoIMG_0451The Softcat Demo

Softcat Shape the Future (StF)

StF allows Softcat to offer your college a range of very affordable windows devices to staff and students from leading providers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo and Acer, as well as re-investment funding for training and development.

Key Summary Points of our demonstration:

  • Example/ Demo of the devices available
  • How StF can help your college embrace and achieve affordable 1:1 computer access and enhance teaching and learning strategies
  • The eligibility criteria for a Shape the Future partnership
  • The benefits of a Shape the future partnership:
  • Best price / more affordable 1:1 computing
  • Flexibility to use the college’s chosen devices
  • A rich and bespoke software image
  • A portal for ease of purchase, offering choice, full insurance (accidental damage, theft, and loss) and personal payment options
  • Re-investment dollars to support the roll-out of devices for teaching and learning

About Softcat

At Softcat, we’re proud to say we’re one of the UK’s best IT resellers and not ashamed to admit we’re good at sourcing, delivering and supporting IT from the smallest to most complex solutions.

We care passionately about two things – outstanding employee satisfaction and world-class customer service. We believe the former drives the latter.

We provide valued IT solutions to corporate and public sector organisations in the UK, trade with over 5000 longstanding customers and employ over 500 people, from three operational centres. Our current turnover is approximately £300 million.

Over the last 20 years we have forged relationships with a portfolio of world-class vendors, holding top-level accreditation with each.

We believe that ICT has the capacity to play a vital role in transforming the educational experience in UK colleges. Our wide-ranging solution experience will help you embrace the latest technologies at a pace you’re comfortable with whilst also maintaining institutional values.


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