Cathy Walsh, Guest Speaker e-Factor 2013

DSC00061 Jisc RSC London e-Factor 2013 Guest Speaker

A key feature of the Jisc RSC London e-Factor is the presence of an FE and Skills Leader who has the key role of reflecting on the showcases of the day and presenting a personal reflection during the afternoon keynote speech. We are delighted that this year’s speaker was Cathy Walsh, Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Barking & Dagenham College.

  • “innovation, creativity and enterprise – are key, agreed values with all staff”

Cathy spoke about being clear about values that will enable technology strategy to be embedded:

  • “as a leader I try to role model those values expected of staff – a power point is boring, so I do a podcast and I’ve learnt to do prezis with embedded videos”
  • “we are self critical and have a spiky profile to work on – we take things forward by having more people at a senior leadership level exposed to the messages of today”


Carthy Walsh, Principal Barking & Dagenham College
Cathy Walsh, Principal and CEO of Barking and Dagenham College

“a truly great college – passionate about success”

As well as being on the Executive Board at Barking and Dagenham Chamber of Commerce, Cathy is Vice Chair of the Skills, Jobs and Employability Board, a member of the 14-19 Partnership Board in Barking and Dagenham and the Centre for Excellence in Manufacturing and Engineering (CEME) Board.

Cathy also serves on a number of other National Boards including the Association of Colleges (AoC) National Principals’ Curriculum Portfolio Group; the NACUE Steering Group, the national Student Volunteering Advisory Group and the UK Skills Diversity Advisory Group, as well as serving as a Committee member on the AoC for the London Region.

Cathy’s Bio

Cathy Walsh, MA BEd
Principal and CEO of Barking & Dagenham College

Cathy Walsh joined Barking & Dagenham College as Principal and CEO in September 2008. She is passionate about the power of learning and training and how it can transform people’s lives. Creativity, innovation and enterprise are values that she has enshrined within Barking & Dagenham College’s business. She has worked in primary, secondary and further education, as well in the private sector, in Scotland, Gibraltar and London and prior to joining Barking & Dagenham College, she was Deputy Principal at a College in North London.

Cathy’s vision is to create, “A Truly Great College Passionate About Success”, offering real work for learners and entrepreneurial opportunities, as part of their learning at the college.

She established a successful Enterprise Academy within the college in 2009, in which learners are commissioned by external companies, as part of their studies, to produce work for clients. Learners are paid to do this. In late 2011 this drive to provide real work opportunities was given national recognition when the College was awarded a TES FE Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship in Learning and Skills and in 2012 another TES FE Award for Outstanding E-Learning.


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